The excluded third, included, 2014
Solo and groupshow at Galerie Emanuel Layr, Vienna
curator postbrothers
Jan 31 - march 22 2014

[…]The Excluded Third, Included is both a solo show of the three as one artist collective Mahony and a group show, featuring the artists Nina Beier, Liudvikas Buklys, Gintaras Didžiapetris, Laura Kaminskaite, Adriana Lara, Karl Larsson, Nicolas Matranga and Žiga Testen, Giovanni Oberti, Annaik Lou Pitteloud, and Steve Van den Bosch. ”. The title not only accentuates the sort of “third space” that erupts between the dual exhibitions, but also emphasizes distinct but interrelated concepts in both Mahony’s and the invited artist’s practices. Just as their collaborative approach allows for divergent viewpoints to triangulate an idea, the works of Mahony are the accumulation of an overlay of distinct positions, literally and figuratively operating always with a continuous renegotiation between three parts.[…]

extract of the exhibition text by postbrothers
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