Operación pavo, 2011
Tirolean feather hat, metal hat hold, booklet

Operación pavo (operation turkey) is the name given by an Austrian newspaper concerning the negotiations of Mexico with Austria to get back the important national symbol "el penacho de Moctezuma". The feathercrone of Moctezuma might have been one of the many presents the Aztec emperor gave to Hernan Cortez before he realized that he was bringing his empire and his life to an end. Through many ways it finally came to Austria and is now an important part of the collection Weltmuseum, Vienna. Although it is not proven that Moctezuma ever wore the feathercrone it has become a very strong issue widely discussed in the media. Since it is not easy through certain circumstances to get back "el penacho", Mahony decided to send an Austrian hat with a feasent feather to Mexico. Along with that comes a booklet with collections of phrases by both sides of the media.