Wunder & Krise, 2011
Ausstellungshalle Münster
curated by Julia Wirxel & Gail Kirkpatrick

Mahony was invited by the Ausstellungshalle Münster (AZKM) within the Festival Flurstücke to develop a performance with a geographical reference. The location was chosen on the docks around the AZKM as well as the building of AZKM, SpeicherII, itself. Involved in a vocal performance was a complex interaction of space, movement and sound. Visitors were invited to the staircase and two balconies of the building or to listen directly on the quay samples from two choirs. One choir was on a ship, the other choir on the opposite barrens. Each of them practiced one songs, the sound of both was transferred to the fourth floor of SpeicherII. While the choir on the ship intoned the buoyant economic miracle song Es geht besser, besser, besser (It Goes better, better, better) by Peter Alexander, Caterina Valente and Silvio Francesco from 1956, the choir on the barrens was singing Keine Macht für Niemand (No Power for Nobody) from 1972 by the rock band Ton, Steine, Scherben.


Text by Curator and writer Julia Wirxel about the work Wunder & Krise that she and Gail Kirkpatrick curated this summer to download (only german) full text german

                              Wunder & KriseWunder & Krise view from wasteland Wunder & KriseWunder & Krise view from water Wunder & KriseWunder & Krise inside the institution Wunder & KriseWunder & Krise Performance, 07/21/2011 Wunder & KriseWunder & Krise inside the institution Wunder & KriseWunder & Krise installation view