Find Find No Walk, 2011
Group exhibition "Partenaires Particuliers"
CRAC, Altkirch, France
curators: Sophie Kaplan & Virginie Yassef
Dec 4 2011 - April 29 2012

Find Find No Walk is an installation conceived by Mahony, an artists collective formed in 2002. It involves several different mediums and techniques from sculpture to video, photography and collage. Several distinct stages were necessary to its realisation. In June 2010 in Yucatan, Mexico, Mahony created three triangle-shaped sculptures in metal and mirror glass, whose minimalist aesthetic was in stark contrast with their surroundings. These sculptures, though destined to be ephemeral, were photographed; the reproductions are displayed at the CRAC.
Alongside this, a screen relays the video of a traditional music group, comprising Los Radiantes - four musicians living in Yucatan. They sing a song with lyrics written by a local author who followed text guidelines provided by Mahony. They mention three mysterious guests - Los tres invitados - who arouse the curiosity of local inhabitants. Each of these figures reflects a distorted image of their environment.
The point Mahony are making is the way in which elements that are alien to an environment or a
particular society, though they seem at first to be insignificant, can disturb the equilibrium, fire the
imagination and be a source of discussion.

Text CRAC Alsace