The Mahony Collective, founded in 2002, is composed of Stephan Kobatsch from Austria, and
Jenny Wolka and Clemens Leuschner from Germany. The foundation of the group’s research is
an extensive epistemological analysis of the various ways of producing knowledge. Their approach
has always been focused on process: information and objects go through various mediations
and operations over time, both material and conceptual, and are subjected to transpositions
and decontextualizations. The focus of the research regards transformations and unexpected
results that occur during this process, both erratic and unpredictable.
Making use of a wide range of media (video, photography, print collage, sculpture, performance,
installations), the Mahony Collective considers the preliminary research as a part of
their artistic work, refusing any static and inactive view of the artwork.

Giulia Pezzoli, 2016


Mahony live and work in Berlin and Vienna.





mail: info[a]
gallery representation: Galerie Emanuel Layr, Vienna


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