Kartoffelessen Hoorn
July 16, 2015

Kartoffelessen is a series of performative lectures coinciding with the peeling and cooking of potatoes. Texts and images, video and audio recordings can accompany the presentation and performative elements. After the presentation the audience is invited to eat together. The content of the performance varies because it always reflects the current investigation and the resulting method of working of the group. The respective themes also inform the dynamics and activities of the performance. At HMK, Mahony reworks the research they’re doing in connection with the celebration of 400 years of Cape Horn. Rather than focusing on historical representations, the research concentrates on the related creations of the self-image and its assertion as norm, standard and ‘measure of things’. What do museums, anniversary celebrations, textbooks and monuments tell us about culture and current events in the Netherlands? From these sources, Mahony looks at a possible reinvention of this self-conception that challenge the colonial past and create possible structural changes in society.

text by Irene de Craen, director of Hotel Maria Kapel

Hotel Maria Kapel