The many happenings, 2013
Künstlerhaus Bethanien
11/15 - 12/15/2013

Communication depends upon mediation – the channel, the surface, the distribution, the frame. But it must also simultaneously ‘repress’ the fact of this mediation to be successful, to appear immediate. This is the classic paradox of mediation: we ‘forget’ the medium in order to focus on the message. The technical layout of the newspaper commingles distinct events, locations, temporalities, intensities, and urgencies on a single field, at once rendering discrete phenomena equivalent while also producing a multiplicity of spaces on the page, each of whose elements lives in its own kind of space totally discontinuous from all the other items. This process has political and social ramifications: a natural disaster, an agreement between governments or corporations, a political demonstration, a gaffe by a celebrity, a cultural development, or a subtle change in the market, all enter into a single field of generalized incidents, hierarchalized on the page due to editorial control yet functioning as simultaneous interchangeable happenings. It is not the content that is significant, but rather the formal and structural wrappings of the information.

Postbrothers, 2013

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